Rodney Adler BCom, MEco, ACA one of Australia’s most energetic, business-minded, motivated and experienced, corporate advisor, consultant, venture capitalist, major investor in mid sized public companies and problem solver.

He is excited by opportunities. His network is unrivalled. His connections run far and wide.

He can get you where you need to go. He can find solutions. He assesses character and business.

Do you have a lateral mind?

To arrange an appointment please contact +61 2 8273 8500  or fill out the contact form on this page.

Mr Adler specialises in:

  • corporate advice
  • crisis management
  • venture capital
  • investments
  • short term finance
  • startups, floats and IPO listings
  • joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • equity investment
  • merchant banking
  • sourcing legal and personal representation
  • complex and unique problem solving
  • company review, analysis and valuation potential
  • motivational and inspirational speaker for high quality events, functions and conferences

Industries include:

  • financial services
  • insurance
  • retail and hospitality
  • telecommunications and technology
  • real estate, residential and commercial property
  • industrial and commercial enterprises
  • accounting and consulting


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