Crisis management is a very specialised field that combines a number of attributes and experience. When I refer to crisis Management, I am not referring to a product withdrawal due to a problem— my type of crisis management revolves around restructuring and reorganising the company. Frequently companies find themselves in trouble for various reasons, maybe they have grown too fast and are suffering due to that growth in a financial and operational sense. Maybe they do not have sufficient capital to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Frequently companies need to review and supplement the middle management or make a key appointment that will materially change the company. An independent review of the company can be essential at this time.Reviewing the company in a concerned but independent way, frequently produces interesting conclusions that need to be considered by the board or the owner.

On many occasions my advice has been sought on matters that surround corporate governance and related party transactions. A number of situations overlap with legal implications, both in a civil and criminal sense and my history in these areas is frequently beneficial. My knowledge of the court system, the correct solicitor and barrister to use, corrective services and bringing common sense and experience to many varied and difficult situations has been very useful.

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